This morning I said “Goodbye” to Handprints on the Wall. I admire Kendra and Sashwhy for making the difficult decision to stop blogging and focus their time on the important things going on in their lives right now. I’m sad to see “Minimizing Monday” leave because in the two weeks since it started it has left me super motivated to let go of the objects cluttering my life.

Did you clean out your kitchen with me? I felt like I was not doing a good job of letting things go, but in the end I filled up 4 paper grocery bags and I said goodbye to one toaster oven that I was “storing” in my pantry. I was amazed again by how many things I had in my kitchen that we never used. I had a lot of “someday I’ll make . . .” baking dreams that I just told myself it was ok to let go of. Right now I want to minimize my time spent in the kitchen and to focus that time on making healthy meals rather than baking sweet treats. This meant that I was never going to make that cheesecake in that springform pan still in the box. Maybe someday things will change, and at that point I can invest in some new baking supplies. If you cleared out your kitchen with me, what did you let go of? Were you surprised by what stuff you found you were holding onto but not using?

I’m open to your suggestions for what regular weekly feature you would like to see on my blog each Monday and Tuesday. Every other day of the week has one except these two days. I want to bring you something that will be useful, but I need to be realistic about the time it will take me to prepare it. I work on my blog less on weekends than I do during the week. One idea I had was to do a weekly wrap-up, but I’m not sure how useful it would be to my daily readers. Any ideas or feedback for me?