Play the Secret Flawless Diamond Instant Win sweepstakes for a chance to win Secret Deodorant (5,000 prizes), $50 AMC Gift Card for movie tickets (700 prizes), $50 Visa Gift Card (500 prizes), and more. This is not a daily entry sweeps, you can only play three times! They will email you three free codes, and you can play them all in the same day. It ends on June 30, 2009. Thanks goes to Kathy for reading the double set of official rules to find out that this sweeps has thousands of winners! You do not have to have a code from a package of Secret deodorant in order to play this instant win game because you can request a free code here. I often get asked if people really win sweepstakes using those free codes, and the answer is yes! Most sweeps have randomly selected “winning times” and the winners are determined based on what time you enter, the code is just a key in order for you to enter.

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