I used my Jingit ad viewing earnings to buy groceries at Walmart today (just after using Jingit for less than 2 weeks). Because I used a coupon on every single item I bought, I was able to lower my total from $36.47 to $20.89. I used high-value coupons that I’ve posted on my blog and I checked the 10 Under $10.00 Deals list at I Heart The Mart (which is all about shopping at Walmart with coupons). Then I used my Jingit Debit Card to pay that entire $20.89 total. I hope that Jingit will continue to bring us new ads to watch and earn from. I would love to be able to have a “Jingit paid for it” grocery shopping trip once or twice a month to help me lower my monthly grocery budget.

September 26

FREEBOX CHECK September 26: Jingit paid for my groceries ($20.89) and coupons helped me lower my total from $36.47 to $20.89

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