Play daily the new SoBe Heads or Tails? instant win sweepstakes to be one of the over 220,000 daily winners of coupons, free SoBe, or other prizes.  You can play once a day without a code from a SoBe cap, just click on “Play Now” then select a person to flip your cap.  You’ll be given the option to register via Facebook or regsiter via SoBe to find out if you are an instant winner. If you have codes from SoBe caps then you can play up to 25 times a day.  There’s an insane number of prizes:  18,260,000 “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” SoBe coupons, 450,000 Free SoBe coupons, 15,000 t-shirts, 11,000 flip flops and more.  It breaks down to over 220,000 winners every day (if enough people play).

I won a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon on my first try – it’s a “bricks” coupon that you can print twice just by hitting the back button.  You can print up to four B1G1 Free coupons and then you reach the print limit – but you can keep playing to try to win one of the other prizes!  If you win the B1G1 coupon you’ve got until August 31 to use it.  Thanks goes to Free Sample Freak for sharing this new winnable sweeps.

I’ll add this sweep to the top of my Daily “Sweeps 4 Mom” list so you can keep playing and keep winning.  Already won?  Keep playing because you can win more than one prize! Want to find more winnable sweeps to play?  Visit Sweeties Sweeps – she’s the expert on winning sweepstakes and loves to help others win.