🌠Free Young Adult eBook: Star Surfer ($2.99 value)

🌠Free Young Adult eBook: Star Surfer ($2.99 value)

Enjoy this free eBook set (normally $2.99) by Lizz Lund because it’s free again only through April 21. Click on the “Kindle” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Star Surfer (The Chronicles of Thadeus McPhee, Book 1) $0.00

by Lizz Lund

Daydreaming is dangerous.

Especially if you’re Thaddeus McPhee—his fantasies not only doom him to summer school (complete with repeat bullies) they also land him in hostile territory: think alien wars. Seriously.

As for high school: he’s got a weird family birthmark on his forehead that’s hard to hide, he’s flunking out, and everyone else has a special talent except him—unless snoozing in class counts. Especially his friend Nick: he’s an ace student and super focused on being a famous chef. This comparison—which his parents constantly remind him about—only highlight Tad’s under-achiever skills.

That is, until Tad discovers his own secret powers.

Can he use them to save South Embhali? How will he neutralize Gharewl? And what about the butterfly Princess?

Then again, what about his parents’ ‘gifts’? When were they going to tell him about those? Does this mean they won’t get divorced?

And will the senior jocks ever stop terrorizing him in the gym locker room?

From Glen Rock, New Jersey to the planet of Embhali, travel with Tad as he battles bullies, surfs the stars, and saves the day!”

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