Subway (83,000+ details here)
Hanes (20,000+ enter each Wednesday, details here)
Mamma Mia (10,000+ details here)
Colgate (10,000+ details here)
Dove (9,000+ details here)
Kraft (5,000+ details here)
Lipton (5,000+ details here)

Teas’ (3,000+ details here)
Totino’s (2,000+ details here)
Oreo (2,000+ details here)
Publix (2,000+ only for residents of AL, GA, FL, SC, TN details here) ends August 8
Batman (2,000+ details here)

Summer of Savings (1,000+ details here)
Tony’s Pizza (1,000+ details here)
Wyndham (1,000+ skip to instant win + coupons, details here)
Wish-Bone (1,000+ details here)
Pilgrim’s Pride (1,000+ details here)

No new sweeps this week, but I have some great new ones to share with you next week. Yes – I’m saving them for a few days because I’m going to be visiting family in Colorado next week and will have a limited amount of time to blog.

I can’t believe that over 10 of my readers have won the Oprah Tote! It is so exciting to hear of your wins – even more exciting than if I would had won it myself. This reinforces my belief that it is worth blogging about those sweeps with at least 1,000+ winners. The Oprah sweeps had 5,000 winners and was a one-time entry. Curious what the winners won? Several of my readers were nice enough to send me photos. This photo is from Jamie at Clipn Q-pons and she said “I especially love the FULL size Cream Dove body wash, Lancome mascara, and Neutrogena mineral shears powder foundation. I loved everything, these were my favs! Thank you Heather,,,, and THANK YOU OPRAH!” -Jamie
Still need inspiration to enter the sweeps I list? You don’t have to enter every single day to win! I don’t enter every day, and most of my readers don’t either. Amanda says “I won the $8 Publix sweepstakes today ~ it was funny, we’ve been having some work done on our house and some other things have been going on, so I hadn’t entered for several days. I randomly decided to try again this morning and won! I think I had mentioned that I also won in the Spraychel games ($15 Target card), a movie ticket from Subway, and a movie ticket and $5 Kroger card from Dr. Pepper. I wouldn’t have been aware of any of these sweeps were it not for you, so just another big THANK YOU!” -Amanda

Did you know it is easy to get to my weekly Sweeps 4 Mom list every day just by clicking on the “Sweeps” in the black menu bar just below my header? Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you win!

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