I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a fan of time-sensitive giveaways like the Dr. Oz Giveaways on November 2 but I still have to tell you about them because I know a lot of my readers can with them! Due to high traffic on time-sensitive giveaways there are often technical problems.  Sometimes you even win and you don’t even know it!

Here is Betsie’s “Sweeps Success Story”:

“I actually commented on the Dr. Oz giveaways saying that I was glad I didn’t spin my wheels over it given that I had spent half the day already trying to get the Today show deals that morning – well, when I first entered my info on the Sketchers giveaway it told me sorry, but I wasn’t one of the first 800.  At 4:58 this afternoon as I was shutting down my computer at work I got an email saying I *was* one of the first 800! I’ve already ordered the shoes (they gave us a coupon code to make them free online) and can’t wait for them to come.  Thanks SO much for telling us about all these things – I’ve never won anything in my life, I’m so excited!-Betsie


Have you won a big prize (or you have an entertaining sweeps story) thanks to Freebies 4 Mom? Please share your story by leaving a comment here and I may feature it as the next “Sweeps Success Story”!

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