I jokingly told my readers to go ahead and win $1,000 while they were entering the Tree Top Sweepstakes (now expired) to print a coupon.  Well, one of my readers did just that and is getting her $1,000 prize in the form of a Target Gift Card.  Talk about an unexpectedly positive result when going to print a coupon!

Here is Odessa’s “Sweeps Success Story”:

“I found the Sweepstakes links on Freebies 4 Mom, and loved the instant win games. So, I started playing each night after my kids went to bed. My husband gave me a hard time about a week after I started, because I was missing out on sleep to do it. I would play whenever I got both kids to sleep, anywhere from 9pm to 1am (PST, I live in California). One weekend, my parent were over, and my husband told me to skip the sweeps, but I had been tying SO hard to win a free jar of pace. People were winning them like crazy, and I couldn’t get even 1.

So, I played the Pace one, did not win, yet again. 2 night before I had found the Tree Top pick your prize instant win, and added it to my nightly list. It was my last one of the night. I got 3 like symbols in a row. After staring at it for a few minutes, I asked my husband to “Come look at this for a minute”. I could not believe what it was telling me. When I saw the 3 symbols, I thought maybe I had one a free bottle of juice, so the message saying I won a $1000 target gift card caught me completely off guard.

Once my husband confirmed that I had read correctly, I ran upstairs and woke my mom & 3 year old daughter, I was so excited. I then went on to text everyone I knew that wouldn’t kill me for texting at 11:30 at night. I still can hardly believe it!!!  But now my husband never rushes me off to bed when I want to play the sweeps.

We cut a lot of corners so that I can stay home with our 2 kids, so, everyone in the house gets to pick a prize, and the rest will go to the regular Target shopping, diapers, dog treats, shampoo. Sooooo exciting!!!!   These sweepstakes are real!!!   Thank you Freebies 4 Mom!!!!!”  -Odessa


Have you won a big prize (or a bunch of little prizes) thanks to Freebies 4 Mom?  Please share your story by leaving a comment here and I may feature it as the next “Sweeps Success Story”!

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