Some of my regular daily features will be taking a break for the rest of December. I honestly didn’t get anything exciting in the mail this week, so I thought this was a good time to announce that I’d be taking a much-needed break for the holidays. I normally push myself to write them each morning by getting up before the rest of my family. I’ve got a big project to work on (unrelated to Freebies 4 Mom) that I’ve been postponing all year, and I’ll be working on that most mornings now. I will still be posting new things on most days. I will still be posting some of my daily features, like Freebie Friday, but want to give myself the flexibility and option not to post most of them during this break. I’ll still be bringing you more giveaways, a new one every day this week. Thanks in advance for understanding that I need to take a break too sometimes! Things will return to normal in January.