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Something to Wish For $0.00

by Scott Merry

“Matt Rhodes has it all cracked in his early-twenties. Steady girlfriend. Steady job with regular hours. It’s good enough for now. But is that what he wants to do for the rest of his life?
He graduates and cracks start to appear. His friends all seem to be going on to bigger and better things. His mum, also his boss at work, starts making strange decisions that make him question whether working in a coffee shop is the right career path. Work colleagues start leaving in their droves and are replaced by morons. Coffee shop takings are down. Are all of these things connected?

Throughout all of this, Matt has his ukulele to keep him sane. Can Matt work out what is going on, what he needs to do, and find the one thing he feels would give him a purpose in life: something to wish for?

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