Sweeties SweepHello Freebies4Mom readers! My name is Wendy, better known as Sweetie from Sweeties Sweeps.

Heather asked me to write up a guest post so I thought I would share with you some of my tricks for winning prizes from Instant Win Games, or IWG for short.

An Instant Win Game picks winners based on the computer’s time clock unlike a sweepstakes that picks winners based on a random drawing. So, if you happen to enter at the time that has been programmed into the computer’s software you win.

Top Tips:

  • Many times an Instant Win game will provide a game they want you to play to enter. You can skip the game and look for a link that might read, Click here if you can’t see the game. You definitely can win if you skip the game and that information is always included in the official rules
  • There are better times during the day to play and my favorite time is 3 to 4 AM EST. Picks times during the day that less people will be online and entering
  • The more prizes an IWG offers the better your chances of winning a prize. If they are giving away 25,000 prizes then you should definitely win a prize. Watch out for Instant Win Games or sweepstakes giving away just a few prizes because you have less chance
  • Enter every day during the promotion period to increase your odds of winning
  • Short running Instant Win games, just like sweepstakes also give you better chances of winning because the less people find out about it the better

Almost 80% of my wins come from IWG and I has also won large, grand prizes just by hitting that right time. If you want to read more about winning prizes from Instant Win Games check out the article I wrote entitled, The Secret to Winning Instant Win Games.

Heather lists the most “winnable” Instant Win Games and you will find them on her Sweepspage.