Read forums for your city to find people who just want to give things away. Why would people want to give things away for FREE? Because they just want to find a good home for their stuff or they just want someone to come take it away. Some people feel like they’ve already gotten their money’s worth, and want to simply pass the item along to someone else who can use it. And of course if you got something for free to begin with, what a great feeling to give it to someone as a freebie. These three nationwide forums help you connect with others locally to get your stuff to people who can use it.
Free baby, kid, and maternity stuff is available in over 40 cities.
You’ll find a wide variety of freebies, both offered and wanted, on this local forum.
Look at the “for sale” category and you should find a “free” category.

You can also visit garage sales at the end of the sale – you’ll find people are willing to give stuff away just to get it out of the way so they don’t have to store it for their next sale or take it somewhere to donate it.

What other tips to you have for finding free stuff locally?

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