*Expired* 🧚Free eBook: Tressa’s Treasures ($0.99 value)

🧚Free eBook: Tressa's Treasures ($0.99 value)

This free eBook is no longer available but you’ll find more free eBooks here.

Enjoy this free fantasy eBook (normally $0.99) by Belinda M. Gordon only for a limited time. Scroll down and click on the grey “Order Now” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps.

Tressa’s Treasures (The King’s Jewel, Book 1) $0.00

by Belinda M. Gordon

“Tressa is a fae in hiding. Unable to fulfill her transcendent role in an ancient prophecy, she hides on her grandmother’s estate in the Pocono Mountains. Tressa is content to work in her small shop and fake her humanity, but she knew she couldn’t stay hidden forever.

When she uses her powers to protect a friend, strange things begin to happen all around her. The Unseelie are nearby, the enemy of Tressa’s people, and they’re coming for her. As the dark fae come closer, Tressa must use the powers she’s hidden for so long to keep the people she loves alive.

Tressa’s Treasures is the first book in a fantasy series based on Celtic mythology with a twist. If you like engaging plots, grownup love stories, and twists and turns, then you’ll love Belinda Gordon’s unique twist on faerykind. Although a first in series this book is a complete story and enjoyable on its own.”

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