This is a guest post by Shannon who blogs at For The Mommas. She has some great money-saving tips for us on getting the most out of our freebies while on vacation.

Tips for using Freebies During the Vacation Season

With the upcoming vacation season upon us, there are many ways to take advantage of the freebies you have accumulated all year long. Whether you are going on a two week vacation by air, sending the children to grandmas or day trips, freebies can be invaluable when it comes to packing light.

1. Use food freebies instead of buying snacks on the plane – No longer are the days of free peanuts and snacks on the plane. With snacks costing up to $4.00 on a plane, sample sized snacks are perfect to take on board. Pack a small lunch bag with an assortment of freebies. If you are traveling by car, these single serving samples are great to hold the kids over in between meal stops. There is less packaging and less mess for you to deal with in the car.

2. Use freebie single use samples to make daily “hygiene” packs – Pack shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and lotion to make daily “hygiene” packets for your child when they are away from home. Your child may not know how much to use or “forget” when they are away from home. Use plastic baggies to sort and label for each day. These are perfect for kids at camp or overnight stays at a friend’s house. Children can also throw away the packaging each day and have less to pack at the end of a stay.

3. Use freebies to create a Layover Emergency Kit – If you are traveling by air, you could experience an unexpected layover. The TSA regulates the amount of liquids you can carry on, but the single use packets and samples are usually well below the regulations. Use a clear Ziploc bag and pack facial wipes, sample sized body wash, baby wipes, deodorant, perfume samples, toothpaste and soaps. This will give you everything you need to freshen up.

4. Save Free Magazines for Summer Reading – Free magazines that you don’t have time to read or that you may have skimmed through make great reading while on an airplane or the beach. I frequently leave my read magazines for the next hotel guest or give to another guest who might want to read.

5. Use trial sized freebies for day trips – Instead of taking along a full sized sun block and hand sanitizer, take advantage of the free after coupon trial sizes. They take up less space and are easier to travel with.

Shannon Shaffer is a mother to one son and resides in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs. Her blog, is about how to be a frugalista and still enjoy life! Her posts range from Goodwill shopping to coupon matchups for grocery stores. Shannon is an accountant converted to full time SAHM and loves to teach others how to be budget savvy and save money.

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