Upload a favorite photo at Walgreens Photo and get 25 4×6 prints for $0.25 using the coupon code: PENNY and pick it up in-store. Normally 25 prints cost $4.75 – so this deep discount saves you $4.50.

Today’s offer is a deep discount, but I love the free print offers from Walgreens, because they truly are FREE if you pick them up in-store. No fees, no tax – your total will be $0.00. Select “Pay In-Store” but you won’t have to pay a penny for today’s freebie! But hurry and order your penny prints, because this offer ends at the end of the day Monday, August 17.

You don’t have to pick-up your prints today, but you do need to order it today. Maybe you should wait until you also order your 20 free 4×6 prints on Thursday and pick them up at the same time. It sounds like the photo clings and collage poster are not printed in-store so you’ll have to wait a week or two before you can pick those up in-store.

Need to order 4×6 prints today too? You can order 50 prints for $5.00 using the coupon code EASY50 (expires Saturday, August 22).

I’ll be bringing you exclusive coupon codes for more FREE prints and deep discounts every day this week. If you do all the freebies, you will get over $26.00 of photo products for absolutely FREE. Here’s a sneak peek of the offers so you can plan ahead and pick out which photos you’ll use. I’ll announce the new coupon code for each day early each morning.

Tuesday – FREE 11×14 poster (you save $9.99)
Wednesday – FREE Photo Clings (you save $9.99)
Thursday – FREE 20 4×6 prints (you save $3.80)
Friday – $0.99 Scrapbook Page 8×10 (you save $4.00)
Saturday – 50% off Everyday Photo Books (you save $5.00)

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