Scholastic recently formed qubo, a new children’s television network which shows programs such as Babar, Veggie Tales, Jane and the Dragon, and more quality programming for kids from ages 4 to 8. Even better is that even if you don’t receive this channel in your area (I don’t) you can watch free videos online at! There is a huge selection of shows to watch right now for free. My favorite has got to be Babar, boy does this show bring back great memories of reading the books when I was a kid. Of course there are great printables and games on qubo as well, so please take some time to explore this new mom resource!

Want more quality FREE online entertainment for you to enjoy with your children? Here are the other sites that my kids and I are enjoying:

Storyline Online (I blogged about it here)

Sesame Street Videos (I blogged about it here)

Totlol (I blogged about it here)

Hulu (I blogged about it here, link is to “Family and Kids Movies”)

What websites are you and your kids enjoying the most? Please leave a comment to share!