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I have two sweepstakes to share with you for a chance to win a jogging stroller! Parentricity (a new parent community) is offering a chance to win a Tike Tech Stroller when you register. Kelty is offering a chance to win a Kelty Speedster Stroller this month (thanks Mommy Helper for sharing) and offers a new sweeps each month for Kelty gear.

As a mom who loves her jogging strollers (I have a single and a double) I know how valuable (and expensive) a jogging stroller is. We use our jogging strollers for StrollerFit, an exercise class in the park (try your first class for free). It’s the best way for me to workout with my children. I purchased both of my jogging strollers used, my single at a garage sale and my double from Craig’s List. It is challenging to find used jogging strollers (especially doubles) that are in good condition and at a reasonable price. But it is worth trying to save some money by searching for a used one in your area, or trying to win a new one from a sweepstakes!