Did you know you can watch Sesame Street videos on your computer? There are hundreds of video clips featured, and they stream directly on the Sesame Street website. You can also watch them full-screen. Try clicking on any character for a list of videos. If you click on Elmo and you’ll see 83 different video clips. Click on any of the key words below the title and you’ll come up with more videos

Sorry, the Elmo call is no longer available. Did you know that Elmo wants to call your house? Lori made the call and this is what her son thought about it:
He liked the Elmo call. Our cordless phone has a speaker phone so I put it on and gave the phone to him. He looked at it, amazed, then held it up to his ear and walked around as Elmo talked. He only listened for a little bit and then hung up the phone. But I think he liked it!”
Here are the details that come from this GUM toothbrush: Brought to you buy Gumline Oral Care. Call Elmo and let your little one listen to Elmo Sing “Brush your Teeth”. To hear Elmo Sing call Toll Free 1-866-356-6847. It’s to the tune of Jingle Bells… “Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush them morn & night” Press 1 to repeat the message and hear Elmo sing again!
If you missed my post earlier, you can also download the Sesame Street magazine and print the activity pages you want.