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Summer Fun & Clean with Wet Ones®

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Summer means more reasons to get together to eat good food and let the kids do science experiments! Wet Ones® Hand Wipes has got you covered to keep your hands clean before eating at birthday parties, BBQs, picnics and more get togethers. We went to a birthday party with finger foods galore and we offered Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to all the guests (especially the 9-year-olds) to clean their hands before eating. As a mom, it’s so important to help my kids stay healthy and that means helping them keep their hands clean with Wet Ones® Hand Wipes.
Summer Fun & Clean with Wet Ones® and finger foodsI shopped at Walmart for Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Fresh Scent (pink lid) and Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Citrus Scent (yellow lid) in the Personal Care section (near shampoo). I love that the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes canister is so portable and it’s so easy to pull out an individual hand wipe. I always keep them in my car in the cup holder because we need to keep our hands clean when we’re on-the-go too. You can also find Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Sensitive Skin (green lid) if you’ve got sensitive skin.
Summer Fun & Clean with Wet Ones® and kids science experimentsMy son loves science experiments and had a blast making slime and bouncy balls at the birthday party. He didn’t love that his hands turned blue after making his bouncy ball, so we used Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to help take the food dye off his hands. They are perfect for mad science experiments because things tend to get a little messy! It’s reassuring to know that Wet Ones® Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of germs.

Summer Fun & Clean with Wet Ones® and kids science experiments

I’m also toting Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to the pool because my kids like to have a snack and I like them to have clean hands. I just throw the canister in our swim bag and it makes me feel prepared to fight germs! They clean better than hand sanitizers and I love the wipe format so you can actually see the dirt & mess get removed!

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How are you keeping summer fun & clean?