I got an amazing amount of FREE stuff from Walmart this week! Of course it helped that I attended the Speaking of Women’s Health event and I actually went shopping there! Here’s my photo of the free samples I got in the mail (Huggies, Dove deodorant) free stuff I picked up at the event (book, Kotex sample, Citracal sample), and some things I “bought” for free (Zantac, Dove shampoo & conditioner, Clean & Clear, Gillette, Old Spice Body Wash, Kotex).

I attended my first Walmart freebie event by going to Speaking of Women’s Health on Saturday, May 3 and I learned that some Walmart stores are not prepared for the events they are supposed to be participating in. I had to inquire at Customer Service if they were participating – yes, they had the books – oh, were they supposed to put them out today? My question about the event prompted them to get a table set-up and start handing out the books they had in boxes in the back. I wonder if maybe Walmart should hire me to keep my store on-track with their events?

I picked up a few copies of the May 30 issue of the Walmart magazine called All You, and I was impressed with all of the manufacturer’s coupons inside (34 coupons worth a total of $45.40). I say “a few” of the same issue, because there is an awesome coupon for FREE Addidas deodorant that you can use at CVS to get Extra Bucks (here’s the deal). I’m now a big fan of this $1.77 magazine (reported to be more than $1.77 in other regions of the country, but you can subscribe at $1.77 an issue) and will be picking it up if there are coupons inside I can use (turn to the back of the magazine and you will find a list of all the coupons inside – how handy!). Find out how the May 30 issue might score you $10! I wasn’t that lucky – but it’s worth checking out if you go to Walmart.

I also noticed a coupon for $1.00 off any Kotex product in the May 30 issue of All You magazine (pg. 28) and I used it on a package of Kotex Lightdays Liners (16 ct.) priced at $1.00 (found near the travel items in the drugstore section). The same coupon might still be available to print here (I’ve listed it before, so you may have already printed 2 of them). So, you can get FREE Kotex at Walmart – not the most exciting thing to get for free, but useful for sure.

Free Samples Currently Available

New for This Week:
Ban deodorant and Crystal Light on-the-go samples sold out, but I’ll let you know if they restock!

Still Around from Previous Weeks:
Huggies GoodNites – (only L/XL size available) here’s my blog post

Upcoming In-Store Events:
Nothing this week

What Can You “Buy” for FREE???
I learned that you need to read the fine print on your coupons to see if there are any size restrictions and see if some of your $1 coupons can be used for the travel size items.

Dove Travel Size Shampoo & Deodorant (with coupon Save $2 on 2 from Fry’s mailer)
Clean & Clear travel size (with coupon Save $1 from Fry’s mailer)
Kotex 16 ct. (with coupon from May 30 All You)
Zantac Cool Mint 150 (with printable coupon)
Gillete Trial Size Shaving Gel (with coupon from Sunday ad insert)
Old Spice Trial Size Body Wash (with coupon from Sunday ad insert)

Check out “The Grocery Gathering” at BeCentsAble for the best deals and more freebies at Walmart this week! And don’t miss their Great Gathering Giveaway this week for a chance to win $100 cash! You can leave a comment on this post to potentially gain another entry in this giveaway.

This is what I “bought” for free this week: