Since I’m conducting a job search again, I thought it would be a good time to update this post! Many people I meet don’t have networking business cards, or they’re using cards from one of their “side hustles”. I recommend creating a business card specifically for your job search.

Networking is a powerful tool for your job search so you want to hand a Career Networking Business Card to the new people you meet. I had business cards that identified me as a blogger, but this wasn’t the impression I wanted to leave on people during my job search. I wanted my new contacts to see me as a prospective marketing employee rather than just a blogger. Blogging is part of my work experience, but I’m not making it my job description. So I created a new business card to leave exactly the impression I wanted on my new contacts!

Think of your networking business card as the image of what type of professional you want to become. Highlight your relevant experience (but not all of it) and make it clear what type of job you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s on my Career Networking Business Card
* My Name ~ the most important thing!
* My Photo – well, maybe this is the most important thing because people remember your face before they remember your name
My License ~ since I’m looking for a marketing job in a technical industry where it may be beneficial to have a Professional Engineer’s license I’ve added “P.E.” to the end of my name to help me stand out! Do you have any certifications that will help you stand out?
* My Own Job-Seeking Title ~ my job objective is “seeking marketing experience in a technical industry setting” so I used that to create myself a new job-seeking title “Analytical Marketing Professional” and put that just below my name
* What I’m looking for ~ I’m looking for a job in N. Houston or remote so I put that on the back of my card
* Who I Am ~ in 3 bullets I tried to sum-up who I am on the back of my card:
  • Master’s in Marketing student
  • Professional Engineer licensed in Texas
  • Social Media Influencer

* Email ~ obviously, this is my preferred method of contact

* Phone ~ just in case a new contact wants to talk to me in person

* LinkedIn URL ~ on the back of my card to encourage people to connect with me on LinkedIn

* Blog URL ~ also on the back, to encourage visits to my blog for entrepreneurs

* Blank Space~ people like to write on business cards, so half of the back of my card is blank space


What’s on your Business Card?