Thank you for sending me your sweet messages, both sent and received! Here are the three winners that I selected to award the free box of design-your-own My Fruit Roll-Ups to:

A sweet message from a child:
Karen received “Will you be my forever mom?” from her foster son. She plans on adopting him and his three siblings this year.
A sweet message from a husband:
Nicole received a dozen paper roses, each with a message inside, from her husband. The roses were folded from plain printer paper, the stems were wire coat hangers that had been bent. The result was a message straight from the heart that is truly frugal (want to make your own paper roses?).
A sweet message from a wife:
Daphne gave her husband a sweet poster that said “You are worth more than 100 GRAND” using the 100 GRAND candy bar (and including lots of other candy bars on the poster too). He loved (and ate) the poster.
Thanks again to everyone for sharing your stories with me, I truly enjoyed reading them. And stay tuned for more exciting giveaways, I’ve got some great giveaways planned for February (hint: it involves being crafty).