You’ve missed this freebie, but you’ll find all of the Freebies here.

You’ve made it through the week, now it’s time to get your freebies at Freebie Friday on Amy has assembled a fabulous list (with a few contributions from me) for this week.

My favorite freebie on the list is for the Post-It Pop-Up Notes. At first glance I thought I had already requested this freebie, because the form is similar to the Super Sticky Notes sample from last week’s Freebie Friday, but this is a new free sample offer! Take a minute to request your Pop-Up Notes! Update 3/25/08: Got my Post-It Pop-Up Notes in a cool Desk Grip Dispenser today. See, I told you the Post-It Freebies will come, you just have to wait a little longer for the really good ones!

Take some time to explore and you’ll find some real gems of advice – everything from cleaning tips to great recipes.