This play-list is no longer available. Visit iTunes on Facebook and fans get a free 10-song Frappuccino Beverage Music Mix Sampler. Click on the blue text “Get iTunes Code” to get your unique code to use at the iTunes store that expires August 31.  Thanks goes to Candy for sending me an email about this free music.  Also remember you can pick up the free “Pick of the Week” music with a code for a free download at Starbucks stores.  Here’s more info about this free sampler:

“Starbucks has created a free music mix to complement your Frappuccino® beverage. Featuring electrifying summertime favorites ranging from Frightened Rabbit to Hot Chip, your free Frappuccino® Beverage Music Mix is available to download on iTunes now!”

Also on iTunes right now:

Every week it changes, I try to download the new one each week and then if I don’t like the song I just delete it.