Sorry, this deal has expired but find more current Deals on Freebies 4 Mom. It’s free to join Amazon Mom, everyone is eligible (you don’t have to be a mom), and you’ll get 3 free months of Amazon Prime (this is not a free trial, so no cancellation is needed).  It’s NOT a free trial (more like a free sample), therefore it ends automatically with no action required by you and you’ll never receive  a bill for Amazon Prime.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s very quick to sign-up, and it’s optional to give them any information about the children you buy things for.

Here are the benefits of joining – again it’s totally free to sign-up and this is not a free trial so you’ll never be billed for Amazon Prime:

  • 30% off select diapers and wipes: normally you get 15% when you subscribe & save, but Amazon Moms get an extra 15% discount for a total of 30% off!
  • Free Amazon Prime Membership for 3 months: that means you get free 2-day shipping for 3 months on thousands of items – if you buy $25 or more from the Baby Store (in a single order) you get an extra free month of Amazon Prime, up to one free year (but everyone gets the free 3 months without buying anything from the Baby Store).  This is truly a free sample, your Amazon Prime membership will automatically end at the conclusion of the 3 months (or later if you earned more free months) with no action required by you.  You will not be billed for Amazon Prime at any point during or after your free membership.
  • Refund for Current Amazon Prime Members: if you are already an Amazon Prime member, go ahead and cancel to get a refund and at least 3 months free of Amazon Prime. You bet I jumped on this offer because it means I received a refund of $46.61 and between 3 months to 1 year of free Amazon Prime (depending on my shopping in the Baby Store, I’m sure I’ll buy a few gifts there this year). I received my refund email the morning after I joined Amazon Mom.  Be sure you join Amazon Mom first, then cancel when they ask you if you want to cancel so you get a refund too!

I know it’s hard to believe Amazon is offering such a great deal, please read theAmazon Mom Help Page & FAQ for more information. Thanks goes to Swag Grabber for sharing! Remember that students get a Free Amazon Prime Membership too! This post contains affiliate links. For more information please visit my Disclosure Policy.