First, I want to tell you that BabyMeTV is having a “Mommy and Me” photo contest this month, check it out here. Now, here is my roundup of freebies for you to enjoy. I focused on free samples that you will receive in your mailbox to keep the list manageable. Browse the list because some of these may be new to you!

Playtex Nurser Bottle – comes with three drop-ins liners and a coupon
Formula Samples – This is my recent roundup of Baby Feeding Resources
Johnson & Johnson’s Mom Kit Baby Cheapskate shares how to make a quick phone call to get this freebie
Teddy Grahams (no longer available)
Huggies Pull-Ups – this free sample comes from Walmart (this sample is no longer available)
Huggies Potty Training Success DVD – this free DVD comes with coupons for Huggies products
Elmo Bag Tag – Nursery Water is offering 100 per day, so try this one first thing in the morning

Planet Heroes DVD – “Here Comes the Sun” is a free full episode DVD
McGruff the Crime Dog Trading Cards – set of 18 color cards with safety tips for kids
Lysol’s Healthy Habits Activity Book – a 30-pg activity book from Lysol
The Amazing World of Play Clay – don’t print this brochure because Arm & Hammer will mail it to you, just call them at 1-800-575-2925, mine came with a free sample of Brillo Scrub ‘n Toss
Colgate Healthy Habits – let your kids earn a free toothbrush
UnderJams by Pampers
GoodNites by Huggies
Child Safe Kit includes forms and ink for documenting information about your child
Imagine! Introducing Your Child to the Arts – order a free copy from the National Endowment for the Arts
Healthy Vision Books & Poster – the National Eye Institute offers free activity books and a poster
Ragu Feed our Kids Well – this 33-pg. recipe & meal tips booklet is still available to request, I got mine in the mail today