Now that I’m a college student, I’m happy that I’m eligible for student discounts! There don’t seem to be many out there, but these two discounts saved me a bunch of money. Instead of paying about $100 per month for cable TV I now pay $11.48 per month to stream Amazon Prime and Hulu (including Showtime) content on my smart TV.

If you’ve got a .edu email address, enjoy my favorite discounts for college students:


Amazon Prime Student

I already had an Amazon Prime account by I was paying $12.99 per month for it. I was able to convert it to an Amazon Prime Student account to get it for FREE the first 6 months and then for only $6.49 a month after that. What a great deal!

Spotify Premium for Students (includes Hulu with Showtime)

Ok, I wasn’t interested in getting Spotify BUT it includes Hulu along with Showtime so it was worth getting for $0.99 a month (for first 3 months) then $4.99 a month after that. After 12 months the price goes up to $9.99 a month.

Any other college student discounts that you’re loving?