🍴Sweeps Cascade Do it Every Night (2 daily winners)

This freebie is still available (originally shared on June 10 and I received mine in my mailbox on July 15), Create an account or login at P&G Good Everyday and request a free sample of Cascade Platinum Dish Detergent (2 count). I previously posted this free sample on January 25, so if you got it back then you are not eligible to get it again. Login if you already have an account or fill out the form to create an account. After your request is complete you can fill out a survey that will trigger P&G to donate to a cause of your choice and earn you 25 points. I selected Feeding America as my cause and it’s cool that P&G is tracking my impact ~ I have triggered a donation of 35 meals so far!
While you’re on P&G Good Everyday you might as well earn more points by filling out more surveys because they can add up to a free gift card! Thanks goes to Hey, It’s Free! for sharing.

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