Promotion has ended. Get 20 points with the code SubsParty10 at Stouffer’s Dinner Club and then you can donate those 20 points to Habitat for Humanity (thanks Mom’s Fun Money).  Under “Earn Points” take the October Survey (8 points) and the Monthly Poll (2 points). You just earned 30 points.  Stouffer’s will match 1 point for every 1 point donated through October 10.    Each point is a one cent donation that Stouffer’s will make (minimum $125,000 and maximum $300,000 thru Dec. 31, 2011). So far at least $16,954 has been pledged to donate. Let’s make sure Stouffer’s hits that $300,000 maximum donation goal.  Your 30 points donated adds up to 60 cents for Habitat for Humanity. And you did it for free!

Freebies donated without spending a dime