It appears they ended this promotion early.  Here’s what their site says “Thank you for a great response. This promotion has ended. If you signed up before 2am PST on 11/10, you will be eligible to receive the reward. When you sign up and share the itsThoughtful Christmas Gift Contest and get 15 of your friends to also enter before Dec. 20 you’ll earn a $25 Amazon gift card. This is a great offer, I already received my $25 gift card! Plus if you can get 100 friends to enter then you’ll earn a $100 Amazon gift card on top of that!  Of course I’d love to earn that too, so please use my referral link above if you decide to enter.

First you need to create a free account at (you will receive an email and must click on the confirmation link). Second you need to share at least one gift idea (can be any gift idea). Third you need to share the contest with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. It’s quite easy to participate in this promotion and I think you’ll find itsThoughtful to be a great place to get new gift ideas.

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