This promotion has ended. Time to mail-in your 3 UPC’s from Stayfree, Carefree, and o.b. packages.  Starting on August 3 you can mail in 3 UPC’s plus your name and mailing address for a free Lilith 2010 CD (15 songs) and Self mini magazine. No receipt is required, just the original UPC’s and your name and mailing address (ends on August 31).  Here’s the address:

Free Lilith CD

P.O. Box 64479

Souderton, PA  18964-0479

If you didn’t already get them, here are samples and a printable coupon for these products – remember that when you request a sample it often comes with coupons!

o.b. Sample & Coupon

o.b. Trial Pack (receive in 6 to 8 weeks)

Save $1.00 on any o.b. product (print it twice, just hit the back button)

If you don’t use Firefox, here’s the IE link and here’s the Safari link

Stayfree Sample

Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight sample


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