These two magazines are no longer available to request.
Town & Country is newly available as a 3-issue sample on StartSampling (thanks to “Deal”icious Mom for the heads up!). You do need to create a member ID and password, but it’s easy to create. You can only order one free sample each day on StartSampling, so if you see anything else you want on their Samples and Savings page you’ll need to wait. Family Circle magazine is also still available as a 2-issue sample.

Take a moment to Log In if you are a member of StartSampling and you’ll see a list of free samples you’ve requested. I can go down my list and put a checkmark by every sample I’ve requested, that’s because they all arrive in my mailbox after I request them. You will not believe how many free magazines I’ve gotten in my mailbox over the last 2 weeks. Be on the lookout for a special post about free magazines, how to get them, and how to give them a second life when you are finished with them.

Update 9/26/08: I got my first of three free issues of Town & Country.