This offer has ended. Get a free 2-year subscription to Shape magazine (a $32 value) for 2 year (24 issues) from RewardsGold.  You should start getting your 2-year subscription in 8 to 10 weeks. This is a free sample of this magazine, not a free trial – so you should never receive a bill (only renewal offers which are just ads that can be ignored). Thanks goes to Coupon Pro for telling me about this returning free subscription offer, they usually don’t last long!

No longer available! Also available is a free 1-year subscription to Men’s Fitness magazine (a $12 value) for 1 year (10 issues) from RewardsGold. Thanks goes to MoJo Savings for sharing!

Here are my tips on completing the form at RewardsGold:

* Login if you are already a member, I logged in, referred 2 friends, and filled out a short survey about yogurt to get my free subscription

* Say “No” to receiving offers from RewardsGold partners

* It is required that you refer two friends, you shouldn’t enter anyone’s email address unless you get an ok from them

* Only select the free Shape subscription, no credit card is required and you will never receive a bill (only renewal notices which can be ignored)

I am getting most of my magazines for FREE (and a few at $5 or less per year) and I want you to get them for free or deeply discounted too. My favorite magazine that I pay for is All You, but that’s because it’s the magazine that pays me back with tons of coupons!

Update 9/24/10: I’m getting my free subscription of Shape!  It expires August 2012.

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