Another free gift pack offer from SC Johnson’s Right@Home website: free Right@Home Spring Cleaning Gift Pack goes to the first 10,000 to register and qualify for it.  Each gift pack includes a box of Ziploc Quart size bags, a Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, and a pouch of Pledge Multi Surface Wipes.  You won’t know if you get one until it arrives in you mailbox – they will be mailed by June 15!

In order to qualify, you must be a member of Right@Home (easy to sign-up and free to do so) and you can not have won a gift pack within the past 180 days. Guess what? It’s pretty much impossible to figure out between the request time and the time you receive it if your last gift pack disqualifies you. So go ahead and request it and let SC Johnson sort it out.  And yes these freebies do come – I’ve gotten several gift packs myself and hear that lots of my readers are getting them too!  Good luck!

Update 7/12/10: I got it!  Wow, they included a total of 7 full-size products:  Ziploc Quart bags (25), Pledge Wipes (18), Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel, Ziploc small bowls (5), Ziploc Freezer Gallon bags (15), Ziploc Big Bags (3), Glad scented oil candle.  I”m not even going to guess when I’m eligible for the next one – could be 180 days after March 9 or 180 days after June 15?  I’ll just fill out the new form every month just to be safe!  You can receive up to 2 free gift packs during the year, one every 6 months.