Send a free pint of Starbucks Ice Cream to yourself or a friend on Facebook. While you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to become a fan of Freebies 4 Mom! A big thanks goes to This Side of Eternity for sharing this freebie with me.
All you have to do is fill out the form to request it, they are giving away over 800 per hour through July 19. So if they have already maxed out the over 800 for that hour, then just try again at another time. Early morning and late evening would be the best times to try.

This promotion will gain speed as the word spreads, so I would try to get your free ice cream as soon as possible. It’s wonderful that they are spreading out those 20,0000 free pints of ice cream by limiting the number available each hour. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Colorado, Louisiana, or Tennessee due to laws made by the Dairy Industry. If you haven’t already printed it, there’s a $1 Starbucks Ice Cream coupon you can register for.

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