You are often required to enter your email address when you request a free sample or coupon. Here are a few reasons why you will be asked for your email address: to identify you as a unique consumer, to offer you additional product information or newsletters via email, to send you a confirmation email for your request. I know that some people set-up a unique email address specifically for requesting freebies. This helps them to keep the email resulting from their freebie requests separate from their primary email. Sometimes giving out your email address results in unwanted emails (or SPAM). I do not have a separate email address for the purpose of requesting freebies. I just use my SPAM filter to keep the unwanted emails out of my Inbox. I always encourage you to read a company’s Privacy Policy before giving them your email address, this will help you understand how your email address might be used. February is a month full of Freebie Tips just like this one.