This morning I said “no thanks” to a free carwash. I valued that small chunk of time more than the free carwash, so I just turned it down. It reminded me to tell you that I hope you are being selective about the freebies you request. Most freebies only take a few minutes to ask for, but be careful of those that take more than 5 minutes because they require you to fill out a survey or complete some other requirement. Your time is valuable, and I want you to be aware of how you choose to spend it. It’s important to me that you are having fun getting freebies in the mail and that you are getting useful things. I do my best to screen the offers and tell you about the best ones. Your feedback helps me improve my site and be more selective about the offers I share with you. In conlusion; keep on reading, keep on commenting, keep on sending me email, and keep on giving me ideas to add new tips to these nine Freebie Tips.