The most commonly asked question I get from new readers is “How do I get a FreeBox?” or “How do I get freebies?”. The “FreeBox” is what I call my mailbox and I like to share photos of the freebies, coupons & deals I get Monday thru Friday. Everyone can have a “FreeBox” – it’s just your mailbox filled with freebies. So how do you request those freebies?

Step 1 – Read

The purpose of my blog is to help you get freebies. I do this by posting about the new freebies I find, the ones I think you’re likely to get in your mailbox when you sign-up for them.

Step 2 – Sign-up for Freebies by Mail

When you click on my pink links you should be directed to the right place to fill out the form to request the freebie. Every freebie you sign-up for is a separate offer, that’s because they are all offered by different brands and retailers.

Step 3 – Wait 4 to 8 weeks

It really does take a long time to get your freebies in your mailbox. Walmart is the quickest about sending out free samples (1 to 4 weeks). Other freebies are slower (4 to 8 weeks) but I’ve even waited up to 1 year to receive a freebie.

Step 4 – Share what’s inside your FreeBox

It’s fun to share, and it’s also a way to help others get some of the same freebies you’re getting. You can comment on my daily FreeBox post or you can post a photo on my Facebook Wall to share what’s inside your FreeBox.

Do you have any questions? I’m here to help you when you send me an email or maybe even creating a new “Freebie Tips” post based on your question.

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