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RoseArt Magic Fun DoughHow To Apply Transfers to Dough

My 6-year-old had a blast selecting his characters and transferring them to dough. You roll out the dough then peel off the clear plastic from the transfer. Place the transfer image side down on the dough and then use the “Magic” water pen to get it slightly damp. Use the blotter to gently pat the transfer for about 45 seconds. Slowly peel back the transfer paper to reveal your character. Select a cutter that is the right shape for your character to trim the excess dough (you can also use the palm tree knife to trim). Add the character to a plastic stand and either play with it immediately, or let it dry to play with later.

The coolest part about the transfers is that they aren’t permanent – you can simply squish the dough up and the color magically disappears. The hardest part of the process is waiting for the transfer while you’re using the blotter, but the suggestion to sing a song works perfectly! My son selected Jingle Bells as his song to sing – I suspect he thinks the holidays will come faster if he sings about them.

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You can find RoseArt Magic Fun Dough sets at Walmart, Target and Amazon in the craft or seasonal sections of the store. Watch this video to see RoseArt Magic Fun Dough in action.

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