4 Ways to Use Headlights #LightMyWay

Everyone in my family has found a use for Energizer Headlights. My kids think they are the hottest new toy and constructed a “cave” by draping blankets from the dining table to play in the dark with their new beam headlights. My 8-yr-old took a headlight to school instead of a flashlight to read his favorite book about Lego Ninjago in the dim classroom. My husband wore it as a work headlight into the attic to check the air conditioner which had a plugged drain a few weeks ago and almost caused a “water dripping from the ceiling” problem. I feel prepared for the next power outage because now I have my own headlight to use at night for reading or playing games.

LOVE this low price at Walmart #LightMyWay

Did you know how affordable Energizer Beam Headlights are? I was surprised to see the $4.88 price because I honestly expected them to be over $10.00. They do have other headlights at higher prices that are for more specific activities like night-time jogging or night-time work. We only needed the basic model with one lighting option that you can turn on and off by tapping the large button beside the light. Our beam headlights fit all of us perfectly because of the elastic headband is easy to adjust. My kids even have their own color (blue and green) so they know which one is theirs (and there’s no debate about it). Come along with me on our shopping trip in my Google+ album.

Learn Geography In-the-Dark #LightMyWay

What will kids do inside a homemade cave? My kids used their imaginations to pretend they were exploring a cave and there were secret entrances that only they could find. I crawled into the cave with them for a fun geography lesson. We have an inflatable globe that I love because it’s so kid-friendly. We played “Find That Country” so they could practice their geography and reading skills. I said “Where is Brazil” and they shined their headlights on the globe as they rotated it until they spotted Brazil. We could have done the same exercise outside of our cave and without the headlights, but it just wouldn’t have been as much fun. My mind is churning on what other lessons we could do inside the cave as part of our Summer Bridge Learning. What ideas do you have to make learning in-the-dark more fun?

Be Prepared. Got Headlights? #LightMyWay

Energizer Headlights are useful, fun, and part of our Emergency Plan. We were lucky that we were without power for less than a week after Hurricane Ike, but we know many houses in our area were without power for several weeks. You never know when it will happen to you so it’s smart to have all the supplies on hand to keep your family safe and comfortable. I don’t want to be stuck in the house without power and nothing to do at night because we don’t have enough battery-powered lighting. We can be prepared for a power outage by having Energizer Headlights and replacement batteries to power them. I think it would be fun to play games by the light of our headlights (we might just pretend we have a power outage because I know the kids would love this).

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