I’m taking my first course in pursuit of my Master’s in Science in Marketing at Texas A&M University Commerce and asking myself how I got here? It was kind of by accident, and by reading a listicle believe it or not ~ here’s what happened:

I thought I was going to attend in-person classes that Sam Houston University offered at my local community college. But then when they cancelled them suddenly and I was in a quandry ~ how was I going to get my Master’s in Marketing degree?
I did a lot of searching online to find other schools that offered a Master’s in Marketing in Houston. I even considered switching over to a Master’s in Business Administration just so I could attend a local university. I didn’t find a program near me for a Master’s in Marketing, so I got desperate and started looking at online degree options.

Then I ran across this listicle:  30 Most Affordable Master’s in Marketing Online Degrees 2018 and being the frugal person I am, I went all the way down to the #1 most affordable Master’s in Marketing online degree which was at Texas A&M University Commerce.

I applied in less than an hour and was pleasantly surprised that the GRE requirement was waived because my GPA was above 3.0 from my bachelor’s degree. I was accepted fairly quickly (in just a few days) and able to start taking courses 2 semesters earlier than I planned! Wow – what a pleasant surprise and now I want to shout it out on the rooftop:  “It’s easier than you think to get your Master’s degree online!

Not to say that the coursework is easy (it’s anything but that). My first course is challenging. I mean like so challenging it’s really pushing my capabilities and forcing me to learn new things quickly. But I’m so happy I found my school and I’m so happy I’m not wasting time commuting to classes!

I love that online degree programs obliterate geographical limitations. Now the limiting factor feels like money. I dislike spending money on my own education when I’m trying to save for both of my sons’ college educations (in 7 and 6 years from now). But thankfully my employer is helping me pay for my degree and I have savings to rely on. And thanks to the option of summer courses I should be able to get my degree in less than 3 years!
I know that by getting my Master’s degree I’m investing in my future and the truth is I still love learning a lot!

Are you taking classes online? How did you find your university?