Sorry, no longer available but I would hope they will still honor samples request sent via the postcard found in Weight Watchers magazine. A new offer to get a free Kellog’s All-Bran Summer Promise Pack that includes samples and coupons. Last June my Promise Pack included: Strawberry Medley cereal sample, Strawberry Drizzle Fiber bar, Red Raspberry Fiber drink mix, and two $2 coupons for All-Bran products. I had to register for an “All-K Pass” in order to request this sample, but it was easy to do. Just log-in if you already have an “All-K Pass” and confirm your mailing address.  You can expect to receive your Promise Pack in 4 to 6 weeks.  Thanks goes to Super Coupon Lady for sharing this new link!

The All-Bran Spring Promise Pack sample is also offered in tear-out postcards in the July/August issue of Weight Watchers magazine (page 25).  Limit one per household, but might be an easier alternative way to request this sample if you’re getting Weight Watchers magazine for free like me!

Update 7/27/10: Wow – a great sample pack including All-Bran cereal (mini box), All-Bran bran buds (sample bag), sleep mask and coupons!