Lifeline Response - Is this lifesaving app on your phone?

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Improve your personal safety with the LifeLine Response smartphone app – it’s the app that puts safety and security at your fingertips! There’s an informative 1-minute LifeLine Response Video you can watch about this innovative safety app. You can purchase Lifeline Response in iTunes or Google Play for $9.99 (which includes 12 months of service). This app uses your natural reaction to prevent and disrupt an assault. Since this app was launched in February of 2013, it has saved 4 people!

Nobody plans on being in a dangerous situation, but it happens. Have you ever felt like your personal safety was at risk? Have you ever found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation you didn’t plan? Although it’s reassuring to have your cell phone on you – have you ever wondered if you would have enough time to use it in the event of a real emergency? That’s where Lifeline Response steps in to help – by providing help to you within seconds of an emergency. The founder of Lifeline Response, Peter Cahill, drew upon personal experience and worked with experts to design this app to disrupt and stop attacks. I’m sure you’re curious how this app works, so I’m going to give you a brief overview.

Lifeline Response - Is this lifesaving app on your phone?Lifeline Response is able to give first responders the three pieces of information they need from you when you need emergency assistance. This app can notify them that you’re in trouble, give details about you and provide your current location in order to dispatch assistance. There are two different ways you can use Lifeline Response – by Touch or by Timer. When you use this app by Touch you are touching the screen to confirm you are safe. When you use this app by Timer you are prompted to enter your personal disarm code by a specific time that you set. The app responds to your lack of touch or inability to enter the disarm code. When you set up your account you’ll create your personal profile, create your codes which will disarm your silent alarms and you will enter your emergency contacts. Rest assured that your personal information is secure and only used in the event of an emergency.

Many University campuses have purchased LifeLine Response for their students to help keep them safe. Some campuses even offer it to their students for free! Speaking of freebies, go “Like” LifeLine Response on Facebook because they love to give away prizes to their fans. Thank you for letting my introduce this life-saving app to you. I hope you’ll help me spread the word about it so that more people can be saved!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LifeLine Response. The opinions and text are all mine.