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Embracing ZonePerfect® for Little Wins throughout my day!

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I snack on ZonePerfect® Nutrition Bar from Walmart to help fuel my day so I can enjoy Little Wins™ all day long. I can’t exercise on an empty stomach, but often find myself going to my dance aerobics class right before lunchtime. Before my workout, I enjoy a Fudge Graham ZonePerfect bar with 14 grams of protein to help fuel my workout with protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s the perfect way for me to enjoy my workout and delay eating lunch without feeling hungry. I have an active lifestyle so I definitely need a delicious snack option with protein (and who knew protein could taste so good?). I work hard all day long so when I snack, I snack like I mean it!

Embracing ZonePerfect® for Little Wins throughout my day!

I shopped at Walmart where I found ZonePerfect near the pharmacy in the Health and Wellness area. I was thrilled to see so many different ZonePerfect flavors to choose from and several of the flavors are new to me. I was most excited about trying Chocolate Almond Raisin ZonePerfect with 15 grams of protein because I think I’d love this combination of flavors. I’m thrilled to stock up on ZonePerfect 5-packs because I know it will help me have Little Wins throughout my day! And of course I love the everyday low prices on ZonePerfect at Walmart because it fits my tight budget.
Embracing ZonePerfect® for Little Wins throughout my day!I live an on-the-go lifestyle which involves spending a lot of time in the car driving kids to school, driving to my dance aerobics class, driving around to run errands, driving my kids to their martial arts class and driving to doctor and chiropractic appointments. Because my day doesn’t always go as planned, I like to keep snacks in the car. I put ZonePerfect Cinnamon Roll with 15 grams of protein in my car because I know it can stand the Texas heat without melting. If you’re not a big fan of milk chocolate, then you must try the Cinnamon Roll bars! Anytime we need a snack in the car, I’ve got my ZonePerfect bars handy so we can enjoy Little Wins like avoiding the fast food drive-thru lane!

Embracing ZonePerfect® for Little Wins throughout my day!It’s fun to try new flavors of ZonePerfect from Walmart and a new one I’m trying is called Fudge Graham. It kind of reminds me of s’mores which makes me really happy! Which ZonePerfect flavor do you want to try next?

Embracing ZonePerfect® for Little Wins throughout my day!

Today I rushed to my chiropractic appointment after I dropped both of my sons off at school and I realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. Now this doesn’t usually happen, but in the morning I’m rushing to get ready for the day and I’m working on my blog before I take my sons to school ~ so it can happen. Instead of starving until lunchtime I pulled a ZonePerfect Chocolate Almond Raisin bar with 15 grams of protein out of my purse to snack on. Talk about the perfect Little Wins to start my day off with! I love the flavor of the raisins with almonds and I was so thankful that I stashed this nutritious protein snack in my purse!

You should join me to Snack & Rally with ZonePerfect so you can enjoy Little Wins too!

How can ZonePerfect help you have Little Wins in your day? Post a comment and tell me!

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