Seven Seas Popcorn Snack Recipe & Kroger Mega Event

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Celebrate Aquaman  by making my Seven Seas Popcorn Snack. Aquaman is called the King of the Seven Seas, so I thought it would be fun to name my popcorn snack after his alias. It’s an easy snack to make with Orville Redenbacher’s Kettle Corn that’s available at Kroger in a convenient 2-3 count size. Your kids are going to flip for this movie snack on the sweeter side! Time to build your shopping list now, from your local Kroger store.


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Snack 630It’s so fun to customize your popcorn snack with superhero-themed candy! Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn makes it easier with a variety of flavors including Kettle Corn, Movie Theater Butter, Pour Over Movie Theater Butter, Ultimate Butter, Butter, Light Butter, Melt On Caramel, Tender White, Home Recipe and Cheddar Cheese.

See the wide variety of Orville Redenbacher’s products that Kroger carries. I like that Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn has no artificial ingredients and no dyes. I used the secret ingredient of a box of cake mix to make my popcorn snack really pack a punch of flavor. When my kids saw all of the ingredients, they were really excited for me to make the Seven Seas Popcorn Snack so they could try it!

Overhead Product 630Be creative and experiment with different candy add-ins inspired by your favorite JUSTICE LEAGUE superheroes. If you love Aquaman too, here’s my recipe for you to try:

Seven Seas Popcorn Snack
Serves: 16 servings
Prep time:
Total time:
An easy superhero movie night snack for you and your kids to enjoy!
  • 2 bags Orville Redenbacher's Kettle Corn Popcorn (11 oz.)
  • 11 oz. White Chocolate Chips
  • ¼ cup Canola Oil
  • 1½ cup White Cake Mix
  • 1.2 oz. Star Sprinkles
  • Gummy Fish
  • Vanilla Fish Grahams
  • Blue Chocolate Candy
  1. Pop 2 bags of Orville Redenbacher's Kettle Corn Popcorn and pour into a large bowl
  2. Take out any unpopped kernals of popcorn
  3. Melt White chocolate Chips in microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds
  4. Add ¼ cup of Canola Oil to the melted white chocolate
  5. Add 1½ cups White Cake Mix to the melted white chocolate mixture
  6. Add 1.2 oz. Star Sprinkles to the melted white chocolate mixture
  7. Microwave melted white chocolate mixture for 15 secons before pouring on the large bowl of popcorn
  8. Stir to coat pocorn evenly
  9. Pour popcorn onto cookie sheets covered with wax paper
  10. Refridgerate for 10 minutes
  11. Remove popcorn from wax paper and break apart into large bowl
  12. Add Gummy Fish, Vanilla Fish Grahams and Blue Chocolate Candy then serve

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Which #OrvillePopcornJustice Superhero is your kids favorite?

I hope you’ll shop at Kroger so you can make your own Seven Seas Popcorn Snack!

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Originally published November 7, 2017.