Just how lucky is the Freebie Friday list? Well, it helped my blogging friend Goo Goo Buy Buy win ice cream from Dairy Queen for an entire year!!! I’m not kidding, read about it here on Dairy Queen’s blog. And guess how she found out about the blogger’s contest so she could enter? By reading Freebie Friday. So, consider yourself lucky to know the secret location of the Freebie Friday list. Now, go tell everyone else you know because you want them to be lucky too! There are enough freebies to go around, trust me – I’m not worried about them running out anytime soon! The trend in marketing is to offer more coupons and more freebies in this competitive market.

Amy of MomAdvice is the fabulous host of Freebie Friday and an inspiring mom. She has some wonderful giveaways that you should enter, like this LeapFrog giveaway and this Twilight giveaway. If you’ve got anything that you can listen to podcasts on (computer, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone) then you’ve got to listen to hear her phenomenal MomAdvice Simplified weekly podcast. You won’t believe all the great people she’s interviewing! Plus she follows-up with a resource list like this: Your Grocery Day Resource List. So you don’t have to listen, you can read and still get most of the information!

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