Here’s a game that I’m calling a “sweeps” because there are 3,000+ winners in the Match & Win Dream House Game and you gain a chance to win by collecting game pieces on Goya, Tyson, and Reynolds Wrap products. The smallest prize is $25 in Kitchen Cookware and they are potentially giving out 2,800 of these prizes. The catch is you’ve got to collect the game pieces on specially-marked packages. I’m guessing that a lot of my readers are already buying these products – so you need to pay attention to the packaging to play this game. I found out about this game because I just finished a roll of Reynolds Wrap and cut-out the coupons for Goya beans (35 cents on 2) and Tyson (50 cents on 1). They are great coupons because they are for ANY Goya or Tyson product and my Kroger will double or triple them. So when I redeem these coupons I potentially will get 3 more game pieces if I can find that specially-marked packaging for participating products.