This is the fourth money-saving tip from, my favorite source of printable coupons. Kim Danger is the Family Savings Expert for and she has written these 11 money-saving tips to help you cut costs in your household and save up to $10,000 a year. Here is the third tip from Kim Danger:

Simpler Vacations
“You don’t have to give up your family vacation this year, but scaling back is a good idea. Getting creative with your vacation budget will allow you to take a much-needed break without breaking the bank. Consider staying closer to home instead of flying somewhere. A weekend in a nearby city can be fun if you approach it with a sense of adventure. Try sites like Priceline to save 40% or more off your hotel expenses. There are even websites and forums devoted to cluing you in to how much to bid. Check out for discounts on admission fees.
Total Savings: $800-$1200 per year
-Kim Danger, Family Savings Expert for

More Vacation Saving Tips from Freebies 4 Mom
The reality is that many people simply don’t take a vacation because there is no vacation category in their budget. Then your mission becomes to find fun inexpensive things that you and your family can do close to home during a “vacation time”. Another way to still take a vacation but spend a lot less, is to spend vacation time visiting friends and family that live in a different city or state. This way you are spending a lot less on food & lodging expenses by staying with people you know.

eatured Coupon from

Save $0.75 on Curves Chewy Granola Bars
Moms need snacks too! These granola bars go on sale often at most grocery stores, so wait for a sale and use your coupon then.
Don’t forget that you should be able to print this coupon twice! You can also print it on my right sidebar, it’s a “Quick Print” tool you should try (especially if you have problems printing from Look for the black box featuring two coupons and select “see all coupons” to select the Curves coupon.

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