In the mail today I got my Parenting and Parents magazines – fun for me to browse for toddler-related tidbits and a few coupons can be found too. Since it’s been awhile since I paid for my subscriptions, I was curious when these would be expiring – soon, I bet. Well, when I looked at the label I was surprised to see subscription expirations of August 2010 and October 2010. WOW! That means my FREE magazine subscription that I saw here really did come through for me, they added it onto my existing subscription! Ok, I’m a believer now and I’ll start trying to bring you some free magazine subscriptions too! And I will never pay for another magazine subscription (or renewal) again, because there are too many free ones available!

Magazines are a great source for coupons beyond those in the Sunday paper ad inserts. My favorite magazine for coupons (and good articles) is Good Housekeeping. I just opened up my April issue and found a peelie sample of Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift (you can also request a free sample from Walmart if you haven’t already) and over 10 manufacturer’s coupons (ok, I think I got a very special April issue with duplicate coupon inserts). I haven’t figured out how you can get a free subscription (but Kerri says she was offered a $5 subscription when she got her free subscription to Living the Country Life), but I assure you I’m working on a way! And no, that doesn’t include dumpster diving – which I’ve actually done for copies of Real Simple, another one of my favorite magazines.


Here are some free magazine subscription offers that appear to be currently available. No guarantees on whether you’ll actually get these, but I think the chances are good because I’ve been getting some that I requested, it just takes a few months. Of course the really good ones are usually offered for a very limited time, so I’ll start keeping me eye out for those!
Family Fun magazine – details delivered by Baby Cheapskate (no longer available)
Home Magazine – details delivered by Money Saving Mom
Hallmark Magazine – details delivered by MomAdvice
Living the Country Life magazine – details delivered by
(Kerri says she was offered a $5 subscription to Good Housekeeping when she ordered this free subscription)
And I can’t leave you without reminding you of these free mini-magazines. They are always free and easy to request:
Vive Mejor (bilingual magazine from Unilever)