I post freebies almost every day and thousands of people get them. But guess what? There’s always a limit on how many freebies are given out. I want to remind you that the freebies are more like a random gift, something you’re lucky to get (and not everyone will get them). Please don’t be greedy with freebies.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect good customer service on your freebies. Sometimes the number of freebies available is announced, sometimes it’s anyone’s guess. And it’s important to remember that no matter what, you are always paying for freebies with your time (and attention). Only you can determine the value of your time and use that to decide what to spend it on.

I just wanted to leave you with one word: gratitude. I’m grateful that you’re reading my blog and I’m grateful for the companies who offer freebies. I’m hoping you will be grateful for some of the freebies you receive too! And remember that I’m here to help you get them. Sometimes it can be a frustrating experience – but you need to be a good judge of when to stop spending time trying to get a specific freebie.

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